My salon needs cooling

I recently started finally working at a wax salon as a space time summer time job, and many people would rather wax than shave because waxing lasts longer and removes the root of the hair.

My manager stressed to myself and others that keeping the right temperature and indoor temperature is crucial for business, then the thermostat must be set at 78 degrees while I was in the morning and 71 degrees at night.

The reason that the air conditioner must be set to a low temperature, especially while I was in the summertime weeks is because customers often sweat when they are being waxed due to discomfort or nervousness, however it would be strenuous for customers to keep calm if the heat was on or if the a/c wasn’t at the right temperature. My manager also showed myself and others where the HVAC information folder is which has a number for the HVAC corporation. I’ve only been finally working at the salon for two weeks and in that time an HVAC worker came to perform routine HVAC maintenance. I have noticed that even in the Winter weeks, beauty salons such as hair and nail salons usually have the a/c on. The thermostats are set at certain uneven temperatures for a reason, and when people get their hair blow dried and styled, it would get ruined if the air was warm and humid, and also, when people are getting their nails done there are often numerous smells in the air such as acetone. In this case, a/c helps keep the air flowing nicely so there isn’t a stagnant acetone smell. It is crucial for employees of beauty salons to hire HVAC companies to complete routine HVAC maintenance.