Working for myself

My father, John is the owner of a successful HVAC business.

After going to school for four years, he landed a job as an HVAC worker and worked his way up to become an owner. I’m not sure what I want to do with my life, however I suppose that I want to help people. My Dad has been pressuring myself and others to go to school to become an HVAC worker because I am a Junior in school and I haven’t figured out what I want to do yet. I’ve been getting miserable at his pressuring and he can tell, so he wrote myself and others a note to help persuade me. The note says: Dear Son, I want you to suppose that no matter what I want you to be gleeful in life. Becoming an HVAC worker was the best decision I ever made. Like you, I wanted to help people. You can help people prevent from chilly to death by installing their heat. You can help people cool down in the warm summer time by making sure their a/c works perfectly. You can help install media air cleaners that will help children with asthma and people with dust irritations. You will learn how to keep people calm who are stressed when their a/c isn’t finally working while I was in a heatwave or that are chilly in the Winter when their heat isn’t finally working. You will make a difference by providing indoor comfort to thousands of families. Also, I suppose you appreciate finally working out. As an HVAC worker you will use your body and it is physical which will keep you in tip top shape. You will make an unbelievable living for yourself and this profession will always be needed. If you want a job with me, it is here for you. Love, Dad.


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