The habits of cooling

I have always enjoyed school and studying. I appreciate reading new information and I know deeply triumphant when I task strenuous and achieve unbelievable grades. I focus much better when studying in the Barnes and Noble. I completed my undergraduate degree up north. I recall walking to the Barnes and Noble in the chilly cold winters and it always felt love the a/c was on inside the Barnes and Noble. I often brought an extra jacket with myself and others and wondered why the heat wasn’t on in the Barnes and Noble. One of my roomates joked that she would bring a section gas furnace to plug in next to us while the people I was with and I studied. One morning, I asked the librarian why the thermostat was set so low and it felt love the a/c was on in the Barnes and Noble. She said that there are studies that show that people focus better when studying in cooler environments. Heated environments can make people super comfortable to the point where they are sleepy and morning dreaming that they are resting at cabin in front of a fireplace. At first the thought of putting the central air on in the Winter didn’t make sense, however I realized that I did know alert in a cooler environment. I also noticed that the Barnes and Noble had media air cleaners on each floor which was unbelievable because seasoned books can produce dust. I am graduating with my Master’s degree soon and I go to graduate school in the south. The Barnes and Noble always has their central a/c turned on to keep students cool. It is obvious that providing indoor comfort in the south requires a/c, but now I am aware that this is a tactic to get students to focus more. Plus, the thought of studying without a/c makes myself and others anxious.

Heat pump