Yoga class makes my muscles sore and achy

I have placed a bag of frozen vegetables on my knee because I am hoping..

I see, cold feeling will reduce the swelling that I have from playing volleyball.

I’ve had a great deal of pain in my knees and it is due to playing a lot of volleyball this summer season. Ice will be part of the best thing we can do for a month or even two when the season of volleyball is coming to an end. Today is the first of the month plus the people I was with plus myself still have two or more months of nice weather until it is too cold to play. When the winter season comes about, I can recuperate in my home once again. Many of the local businesses will shut down during the winter season as well. Some of the owners go to Greater cities to try to get Corporation there. The local Corporation in this town stays tied up during the holiday season plus hires me section time to help with the installation of the Furnace plus the heating, ventilation plus AC unit and how it is serviced. Both of us work together each plus every day as a great team since each of us have very little experience in this industry. I only work a few minutes throughout the day but I can pay all of my bills. I plan to ask the guy if the people I was with plus myself can work on some other repairs just so we can make a little bit of extra money during the off season.

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