Our road trip is going to be off the chain

Last evening I spent a long time on the beach with many of my friends plus I met multiple musicians that were wanting to perform alongside of us.

One musician is a flutist plus actually quite wonderful at playing. I told this person to join us on Wednesday evening when the people I was with plus myself play at a bar. Both of us have a couple of drummers, a flutist, a pianist, and a singer that should make this the absolute best fun. I’ve never played with a flutist so this will be educational plus a lot of fun for me. The local Corporation where the people I was with plus myself play said that they would buy everyone drinks. After the people I was with plus myself finished with our set, we get lots of drinks and food for getting a crowd there plus helping them with business. Tomorrow night the heating, ventilation in addition to AC representative will come by plus sing some songs. The woman has been singing for more than 20 years plus she is quite good. I will record the set with a zoom mic Plus the people I was with plus myself will be able to upload some of our more wonderful songs that seem to be good with the crowd. The heating plus cooling specialist working with me actually showed me how easy it is to edit plus Master sound any of the tracks making it sound like a professional recording. It should be great to get everyone together to play and maybe all of us can find a way to make currency.

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