The air Conditioning is Really too Cold

The air conditioning in our house is causing troubles for us this summer season, but it’s because it’s really too cold! Usually I believe when people are having trouble with their cooling systems, it’s because their home isn’t cooling down enough.

It’s the opposite concern over here with us this year, though! All of us have been having a lot of trouble with the cooling system running literally all the time. I keep trying to set the temperature on the thermostat so that the heating and cooling levels will remain consistent, but it’s just not really working correctly for some reason. I’m beginning to wonder if there is something really wrong with the air conditioner system in our house or if something might be wrong with the thermostat. I suppose if the thermostat was messed up, that would make sense; Someone once told me that the thermostat unit is the brains of the heating and A/C system and if the brain is messed up then the rest of the heating and A/C system is not going to operate correctly. I suppose that makes sense, although I don’t have any way to repair the thermostat unit if it is torn up too much. The only thing that I could repair would be if it has a dead battery and I have already tried that. I suppose our next step is to call the heating and A/C company by us and tell them what the concern is. I’m sure that they don’t get too many of these kinds of calls about people complaining that their air conditioning is running too cold! My concern will genuinely be a welcome distraction from other air conditioner troubles they normally get.


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