Keep your pets cooled off

After a long and brutal winter the summer season is quickly approaching and people are starting to prepare themselves.

With the eventual arrival of summer there are a few things that all homeowners need to know.

It might sound like a simple thing to the majority of people, but it could end up saving your pets life. Before you head off the work to your 9-5 you need to make sure that your home is cool enough to keep your pet cooled off while you are gone. Summers down here in the south can reach far past 100 degrees during the afternoon. With temperatures like this it is extremely important to be proactive and make sure that your air conditioning unit is capable and not going to break down unexpectedly. Every year there are pets all over the country that are kept in homes that don’t have any air conditioning and zero access to any other areas to cool off like a room with a fan or a doggy pool. This has led to many dogs becoming sick and dehydrated, and even death in extreme cases. It might sound scary, but maintaining a good relationship with you local HVAC repair tech and having monthly HVAC repairs will promise you a well working a/c unit. Going the extra mile to install a doggy door to where the dog can go sit in the shade after dipping his feet in their pool is also a great idea for those who have the resources. If you are a dog owner please don’t take it lightly and make sure to keep your dog safe and happy!
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