I’m uncertain why it happened

It was very unusual and kind of frightening what happened the last time we had a big rain storm, however my central heating and air conditioning plan ended up shorting out! It was something that almost caused a fire as well, but if it wasn’t raining, my central heating and air conditioning plan would have most likely ended up burning my house down.

  • It was the rain that shorted it out in the first place, however somehow it got into the wires and caused an electrical hazard.

I had to call the local heating and air conditioning corporation for them to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to service our central heating and cooling system, however they were even a bit baffled on how the central heat and unit ended up getting affected by the rain in this way, however usually heat and a/c units are protected from this. The Heating and A/C specialist was as shocked as I was! But they were able to repair the central heating and cooling unit and get it back up and running, however hopefully the next time it rains it will not do this again. The heating and cooling specialist put some extra protection around my central heating and air conditioning unit to try to ensure that rain will not get in there again and cause an electrical hazard like this. I can only hope that this truly works and that it does not happen ever again. Only time will tell and we will see what happens the next time it rains.

a/c representative