Memories of my uncle and our oil oil furnace

All of us have a pretty old oil oil furnace in our house.

The fine thing is, the old oil oil furnace still works just as fine as it did many years ago, and both of us have no plans to ever get rid of it if both of us can continue to have the oil oil furnace working this good. The reason for this is not the fact that both of us appreciate oil furnace heating. It’s the fact that our uncle who passed away a few years ago installed it. And, it’s a definitely nice memory to have of him around the house; My uncle was a certified heating and a/c specialist. And, you may think, why not just keep pictures of him around and all the official memories you keep of those who have passed on, well, this oil oil furnace is honestly special to us. It holds much more value than just pictures alone. My uncle had went through a lot to get us this oil oil furnace for a definitely cheap price. This was at a time when my whole family were struggling with money, and both of us needed some kind of heating method in our apartment badly. This was before central heating and a/c was the normal thing in homes, so keep that in mind too. Also, both of us find it honestly ironic that this old oil oil furnace still works just as fine as it did the day our uncle put the thing in all those years ago. Who knows, maybe our uncle is using some kind of afterlife powers to keep our oil oil furnace going, as a reminder that he is watching over us. That’s a fine thought to keep I think.



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