Electric furnaces vs. gas furnaces

I remember when I finally decided to get an electric furnace as opposed to an oil or gas furnace.

The prospect of not having to replenish the oil or gas or deal with carbon monoxide emissions was tempting. I felt like it was time to get with the modern times and go with something more efficient and eco-friendly. It also turns out that electric furnaces are cheaper, yet more easy to install than a gas furnace. The HVAC technician that ended up installing the electric furnace did warn me that an electric furnace tends to cost more on your energy bill and the investment might cost a little more than a gas furnace over time because of that. At least installation was considerably easier because the unit obviously does not require a flue for the gases that would be a byproduct of an oil or gas furnace. The HVAC technician told me to be sure to either clean or entirely replace the filter on a monthly basis as well as the humidifier. I must say that I have been pretty happy with my new electric furnace. I have noticed that my energy bills have gone up a little bit, but I’ve decided to be a little more conservative with where I set the thermostat. I’m sure that will offset the extra cost of the electric furnace a little bit. I am also pretty happy that electric furnaces are safer than a gas furnace because of the aforementioned lack of carbon monoxide. An electric furnace certainly can’t poison you!


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