My Parent’s House Was Drafty and Needed Sealed:

My parents designed a new home to live in.

They had been working on it with a business they trusted for the past couple of years, and they designed their dream house. Finally, they were able to move in last year. They were thrilled to move in, because it felt like they’d been dreaming about this house forever. However, once they moved in, they noticed that the house was a little draftier than they expected it to be since everything was brand new. My parents didn’t understand why one room was specifically cooler than the rest of their house! Their entryway felt like it was always losing a lot of heat, even when they had their heating system turned on inside the house. My dad talked with their trusted business, plus he said there could be issues with the entryway door as well as windows if they weren’t sealed properly by his staff. So, the business came back to the house and looked at their entryway as well as figure out what was wrong. Thankfully, they had everything sealed that day. They were thrilled about this, because they knew if they kept running the heating unit that their electric bill would increase. After the business fixed their issue, my parents were able to keep the control component on an average temperature separate from having to worry about their heat escaping from the entryway. They’re excited that it wasn’t a bigger issue with the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C equipment, because that would have been much more costly to repair than this.

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