My Sister’s Home Was Losing Air:

My sister has spent the past year designing a new home.

A good friend of hers is a contractor, and they spent a lot of time working on the design of her house.

She was finally able to move this summer, and she was excited as you can imagine. It felt like she’d been working on her house forever! However, once she moved in, she knew that her house was slightly draftier than she wanted it to be considering she spent so long designing the house. My sister didn’t understand why there was a single room that was much chillier than the rest of her house. Her laundry room felt like it was always losing heat even though she had the heating method turned on inside her house! She spoke with her contractor, and he said that if his workers didn’t seal the back door and windows in that room well, then the air would escape. Thankfully, he came back to her house and looked at the laundry room to figure out what was wrong. Thankfully, he repaired the issue rather suddenly. My sister was thrilled about this because she knew if she continued to blast the heating method, then her electric bill would skyrocket. After the supplier repaired the issue for her, she could keep her thermostat on a normal temperature separate from having the heat escape from the laundry room. I’m so glad that it wasn’t an issue her Heating and A/C method, because that would have been much more pricey for her to repair than this.

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