Home automation uses convenience for an elderly homeowner

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had more trouble keeping up with the biweekly operation of my home; The investment into a condo automation was a considerable cost however necessary, learning how to operate the condo automation system was also a bit of a challenge, but i have trouble sending SMS messages. I was a bit sad that one the condo automation system integrated all of my appliances in addition to systems, I’d no longer be able to use them, but however, the condo automation system incorporates voice-activated controls that are so easy. I don’t need to have my glasses on to learn the dials on the appliances or thermostat. I don’t need to walk up or down stairs to manually turn on in addition to off the lights. This technology has made life a lot easier. I also have the peace of mind of security features, then as part of the package, I chose to add surveillance cameras that supply alerts if anyone should enter the property. I can look at real-time footage of any car in the driveway or anyone standing on my front porch… Most of the time, I get video of turkeys, deer, raccoons in addition to possums. If someone should ring the doorbell, I can look at my cellphone to find out who is there. I can even converse with them separate from opening the door. I don’t need to get up off the couch. I don’t even need to be at home, and plus, there are sensors on all of the windows that sound an alarm if the glass gets broken or the window is opened. I have motion-activated lights all around the property. Another luck of the condo automation system is the ability to control systems remotely, however whether I’m taking a walk, sitting at the park or out to dinner, I can monitor in addition to adjust my home’s setting through the smartphone app.

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