HID readers are modern to our locale

I remember when I was first hired at my supplier everything was much more relaxed, but i toil for a small time animation studio; My buddy and I started out in a miniscule office and worked together, everyone worked at a picnic table, ate our meals together, and left the building as a team… Then supplier started booming and our sites expanded.

It went from one office to an entire building of employees.

My buddy and I went from wearing sandals and tie dyeah to suits and dress shoes. My buddy and I were no longer the hip youngsters but the older adults in charge, and with the modern building there can be a lot more changes too. The world is a much more violent arena and security is consistently a concern. My buddy and I now have video surveillance in every office and outside of the building. The security control is insane. There are also HID readers in order to get into the building. I need to make sure to bring my card, swipe it, know my code, and then I can get into the facility. There are also codes I can type in at my desk that alert the police, fire department, or call the supplier owner. It is awesome and yet sad. I like that my pal and I are more safe and secure. I don’t like that it is a requirement nwo, but something has changed about the atmosphere. My buddy and I feel like less of a family working unit and instead like a real supplier. Our products are still good but I miss the days of that tiny cramped office. I never used to feel about keyless entry and integrated building replacement.


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