Finding a comfortable little spot to learn in school

The dorms that I lived in in school for not absolutely conducive for reading.

  • They were not absolutely conducive for residing for that matter! While I was grateful to attend school, life was not straight-forward, especially if you were earnestly giving it your all in your academics like I was.

It was not all work as well as no play for me, although I sure did take our classes a whole lots more seriously than most, and however, the dorms were stuffy as well as claustrophobic as well as not absolutely well temperature-controlled. That was a whole nother problem: having to deal with the lack of adequate temperature control. There weren’t even absolutely many buildings on campus that had nice Heating & Air Conditioning. That’s what made a nearby coffee shop so near as well as dear to me while I was in our studies, It was there that I could finally get the air conditioner or heating that I wanted as well as the quiet space to learn that I needed. I kept those coffees as well as pastries coming in an effort to justify staying in the coffee shop for so long as I studied, although I got to know the owner as well as in reality, he did not mind as well as got used to seeing me. He would even ask me if I aced that test for did well on that paper I Was preparing for in his shop. The funny thing is, I know I started the fad of hanging out at that coffee shop to study, then by the end of our first fall semester of enjoying the temperature control of that shop, a whole lot of other students seemed to have gotten the same idea!

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