Heat pumps – technology that’s new to me

Isn’t it crazy how sometimes you can learn about something that’s existed for years, but it changes your entire life? That’s how I felt when I first learned about Spotify.

Plenty of people have been using the music streaming service for years at that point, but I had not jumped on board.

When I finally downloaded the app and started perusing all of my favorite bands without any hesitation, I felt like I had just been delivered water in a third world country. It was life-changing to me. More recently, that has been my experience learning about modern HVAC systems. Frankly, I didn’t know about anything except for forced air furnaces. I had grown up with very simple Heating and Cooling devices in my life. I had never seen anything fancy such as radiant heated floors, mini split ductless heating and cooling systems, or geothermal heat pumps. In fact, all of that sounded like a different language to me last week. However, I just started dating an HVAC technician. All he talks about is these modern heating and cooling upgrades. It sounds dry, but I’m actually enjoying learning about all of these systems that have been in existence for years already. Heat pumps specifically are extremely interesting to me, because he says that they operate without any added energy expenditure. This means that you can break free from ComEd. I’m sure soon we’ll get to know each other better, but for now we really talk a lot about our indoor air quality. I don’t mind. Apparently, I could have been saving myself a lot of money if I had dated an HVAC technician sooner.

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