Hotel better have good HVAC settings

A few weeks ago I agreed to go on a fun weekend trip with my friends.

  • We are supposed to be staying in a really cool cabin that was near a trendy local city.

We were so excited to go out hiking in the mountains during the day and to check out the city life at night. It was going to be the best trip ever. We had our living arrangements all arranged, until everything fell apart. The AirBnB owner called to say that they had an unexpected HVAC failure in the house that we had booked. They told us that it was best we stay out of the house when they had the HVAC company on site. We couldn’t argue with that, it’s not like we want to be around while they’re installing a brand new AC unit. We decided to just go ahead and rent ourselves a hotel room instead. It wasn’t going to be as cool as the Airbnb, but we would make do. My friends made the decision on which hotels they wanted. I told them that I was amenable to anything, but it better not be too expensive. After about 10 minutes of thinking, I called them back and told them I had another requirement. This hotel room better have the best damn HVAC system on the coast. If we wound up in a less comfortable sleeping arrangement then the hot and humid lake house, I don’t want to go anymore. My friends chuckled at me nervously, but I was already calling the hotel to ask about their HVAC units at that point.


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