Touchy family breaks heater

How do you get along with your family? As far as I can tell, most people struggle at some points relating to their loved ones.

For me, my relationship depends entirely on the distance between us.

When we’re leaving several states away or more, we do pretty well together. I can keep our interactions sequestered to phone calls and text messages which really gives me the freedom to go about my life. When they come into town that’s when things start to get complicated. They’re just different folks than I am. They definitely have a different sense of temperature control as well. Being from the far south, it seems like they are adapted to a far different weather than we are. I live in the northern part of the country, where it is both hot and cold all year round. They have very little experience with cold and winter is a shock to them. That’s why they tend to roll into town and completely upset my entire HVAC set up. When they come to my house, they can completely take advantage of my smart thermostat. They think that the guy was a lot of fun to play with, and don’t understand that they’re putting my AC unit through hell. The poor cooling system is constantly going up and down, and then they start engaging the furnace to boot. They’re always saying it’s freezing cold when I’m already running the AC. Next thing I know, they’re switching my entire heating plant over. Every time, I end up having to call a professional HVAC service to come to the house and undo their disasters. It would probably be cheaper if I just kept them a few states away and visited myself.

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