Nuke Your Way Through Summer Instead of Taxing Your A/C

Several years ago, I used to write articles for a local magazine that was provided free in the newspaper in certain zip codes.

It was also located all over town in places like doctors’ offices and gyms.

I remember one year I wrote an article entitled “nuke your way through summer.” Still to this day, I advise people to do that. There is no point in adding more heat to your house. Summer is the time to eat more salads and fruits, and when you really want something hot, don’t make your air conditioner do battle with the stove. Use the microwave! There are a lot of things you can cook in the microwave, and the less added heat there is in your house, the less hard your a/c will have to work. Decreasing the work your a/c has to do, in turn reduces your utility bills. No one could argue with that! Sometimes, even without using the oven or stove, my a/c has to continuously run in order to get the house to stay at my preferred thermostat setting. There is no sense making the situation worse. In the morning, cook your eggs in the microwave. They will have a different texture, but they are still good. Corn on the cob is an amazing summer vegetable, and lots of folks heat up a giant pot of water and boil the corn. That takes 20 minutes or more, and that really hurts your a/c’s efforts to cool the kitchen. Instead, just put the cobs in the microwave. Three minutes per ear is perfect. Don’t even take the husks off! It’s the best. Nuke your way through summer and save your a/c.

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