Hearty Soups, Hot Showers, and Snuggly Bathrobes

Since I am a southerner, I am very familiar with ways of keeping cool during miserably hot summers.

Let’s face it, I use the air conditioner almost all year long. With the exception of about 7 or 8 weeks, the a/c is running. My boyfriend, though, is a northerner, and he grew up in the opposite fashion. I am a fan of ice cream, cool showers, and ceiling fans. My boyfriend, though, grew up learning ways to stay warm and use the heater less if possible. He has taught me the value of hearty soups, hot showers, and snuggly bathrobes. When they were tempted to up the thermostat setting on the furnace when he was a kid, his mom encouraged them to have a bowl of hot soup for dinner. Later, when it was getting closer to bedtime, instead of relying solely on the furnace, they would all take a hot shower and get all wrapped up in their snuggly bathrobes. Sometimes, in order to be able to reduce the thermostat setting at night, they would even wear their bathrobes to bed. I think that sounds so much more enjoyable than trying to wear as little as possible so the a/c can help you sleep. It’s funny, we are from two different parts of the world, yet we both depend on climate control. And we both also look for ways to use less climate control, mostly to save a few bucks whenever possible. We have things in common, it is just that his has to do with the furnace, and my stuff is related to the a/c!

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