Life hasn’t been easy for me, but things are always getting better

Probably the best thing about me is that I am able to roll with the punches.

  • Whenever I get knocked down, I just get back up and get back at it.

I’ve always been this way for as long as I can remember and all my friends respect me because of it. I used to get into fights back in the day and this was how I rolled. I don’t fight people if I can avoid it, but there is the whole life challenge that we all have to get through. It has been difficult for me to find the right career path, and I have had hard experiences in my life. There was a time when I used to live in a run down part of down and I had to depend on a single window A/C unit to keep cool in the summer. Eventually I was able to get a great job though and I was able to get out of that awful place. When I finally got a place with a central HVAC system, I was really happy with the change. Eventually I met the woman that I later married, and things just started to get better in my life. My wife actually was studying to be an HVAC technician when I first met her which I was so fascinated by. She knew just about everything when it came to heating and cooling technology and she even gave me all kinds of tips with taking good care of my HVAC system. I was so impressed with her, so I couldn’t help but ask her to marry me.


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