My first, delightful experience with radiant heated flooring

Ever since we visited my well-to-do uncle for Christmas dinner last year, me and my wife have been talking about the type of heating system that he uses in his home.

Hanging out with Uncle Robbie has always been fine ever since I was a kid.

He had that big, indoor swimming pool and he lived (and still lives) in such a nice town where there were all sorts of attractions to go to that he would take me and my sister to all the time. His heating and air conditioner were always top-notch back then, as I always remember being comfortable when I stayed over at his house. However, it was only just two years ago that he invested in a new type of heating that pleasantly surprised me and my wife. He said it was called “radiant heated flooring.” When we came in from single-digit weather on Christmas Eve and he asked us to take our shoes off at the door, like he always did, he was staring at us as if he were waiting for something. It didn’t take long before we noticed just how warm and toasty the floor was. Eventually, we realized that the heat was emanating from the floor itself! He was delighted that we noticed just how toasty it made all the rooms feel. He says he hardly ever bothers with a robe and slippers during the winter, and we totally understood why. That night, in the guest bedroom, me and my wife joked that maybe we should spread out some heavy blankets and sleep on the floor, it was so warm!

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