When the stores start getting ready for the holidays, get your furnace ready for winter!

People seem to go crazy for the holidays year after year.

It seems like we are thinking about the next one before the one before it has even come! Of course, stores don’t help us pace ourselves when it comes to giving each holiday the attention it deserves.

Scarcely before Halloween decorations and candy displays are completely removed, Christmas stuff is already put out, nevermind Thanksgiving! Commercialization of holidays will do that. Nevertheless, here’s a good tip. When you first start seeing those Halloween decorations coming out in those stores, turn your attention to your heating unit. That’s a good idea, because late August and early September, when such displays start being put up in stores, is a time when HVAC companies will not be nearly as busy with furnace repairs and maintenance. It might seem a bit early, but think of the peace of mind you will have when you are already ready for winter weather, while everyone else is scrambling to make sure that their furnace can make it another year! This is far better than waiting until the first snow, or when things really start to drop in temperature. If you have fully maintenanced your furnace, and tested it well before those cold nights begin, you and your family will be prepared and perfectly comfortable throughout the worst the winter weather can hit you with! Furnace repair and maintenance may not be on your mind as early as late August, when it’s probably still quite hot outside in some places. However, while it may be far less important to you that Halloween decorations and candy are already available, seeing such things can be a helpful reminder that it’s time to be proactive and get your furnace taken care of for the winter!

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