Having a second heater as backup and forgot

I love to go to thrift store and find a good deal.

I have been doing this my whole life and I feel like I have a pretty good collection going on right now.

I know that some people will think of all my things as junk and they might be right. However, there is something about getting a good deal that really makes me happy. My husband doesn’t love that my hobby includes bringing home a bunch of stuff every weekend because we are running out of space to store all of the things that I have been bringing home. Last weekend I brought home a used HVAC unit. My husband didn’t understand why I would bring home a used HVAC unit when we have one that works perfectly already, but I could not resist a good deal. I told my husband that it was a good idea to have an extra HVAC unit incase something happens to our current one. However, my husband didn’t think that was a good reason why I should buy an HVAC unit and he said that we didn’t have a place to store the new HVAC unit that I had just brought home. I really hope that he isn’t actually made at me for bringing home the HVAC unit because I really did think it was a good deal and that he would be happy about it. I think that after bringing home the HVAC unit I am going to have to rethink my hobby and stop thifting as much as I do right now.


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