Grandpa thinks HVAC makes us lazy

My grandpa grew up in a different time than I did and he doesn’t understand a lot of the technology that we use today.

I have tried to show him how to use a cell phone so many times but he just doesn’t understand it at all.

I have also tried to show him how to use other technology but he is stubborn and refuses to learn. When I say that he doesn’t understand I don’t mean that he is too old and can’t grasp the concept of technology. One thing that my grandpa is so stubborn about is his heating and cooling system. My grandpa has told me more times than I can count that he thinks heating and cooling systems make us lazy. He goes on to tell me that when he was younger they would have to go outside and chop wood for a fire to heat up their home. He would also say that during the summer they would just open a window to cool off the house. I know that he grew up in a different time, but he is always talking about how much better it used to be when he was younger. I think that if my grandpa would stop being so stubborn he would realize how great a heating and cooling system could be and he would really like it. However, I don’t think that he is going to come around to the idea of getting a central HVAC system anytime soon.



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