I felt bad for grounding my kids for so long, so I finally let them off the hook

When I learned that my kids actually ditched school, I was so mad and they were grounded.

I told them I never wanted to hear about them doing something like that again.

Seriously now, were these kids trying to get me thrown in jail for not having them in school? So when I was at work, they did something else that really got me angry. Since they were grounded and couldn’t go outside, they decided to try playing a little game that turned out to be very costly to me. They thought it would be fun to play a game of catch in the house. All they had was a baseball, so they were throwing it back and forth in the living room. Well, my younger son missed catching the ball when my older son threw it really hard. The ball ended up flying straight into my smart thermostat! The thermostat was hit so hard, it broke the screen and it fell off from the wall. When I got back home and discovered the busted up smart thermostat, I was immediately yelling at the boys and demanding to know what happened. They told me the story, but I really didn’t like it. I told them they would be grounded for an additional month for doing that. They were not allowed to keep getting into all this trouble. There would be no games, no TV, no movies; only homework and being well behaved. I didn’t know if I was being too hard on them, and it could be possible that something worse would happen because they were stuck at home being bored. After 2 weeks of good behaviour, I decided to let them off the hook and go play outside.


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