My kids have those luxuries

Visiting my children’s school makes myself and others guess about the school that I attended as a child, however everything seems to be so much more advanced.

I remember how big, ugly, & blocky our iPads used to be & how they used to be this new massive thing.

It’s strenuous to believe such iPads used to be The cutting edge of technology, but now my kids are blatantly using tablets during some of their lessons! Such technology would absolutely amaze myself and others when I was a kid. It was the stuff of dreams. It’s funny, however I noticed something else about my kid’s school compared to mine. They’re temperature control is good; I mean entirely good. Over the course of my visits this year, I have been able to experience both the air conditioner & the heating, & I can say without a doubt that they are perfectly comfortable in their classrooms & around the school. That is comforting to know. I would not wish my school experience concerning HVAC on them anyway. Our air conditioner in the boiler systems were always cutting down, then whether you got any amount of significant heating or air entirely depended on the classroom that you were in, however my kids do not have to worry about the luck of the draw when it comes to classroom comfort, because each of them seem to be heated & cooled evenly & equally. I have no such luxury as a kid however I made it out alright with these grades. I expect my kids to make even better grades with the HVAC that they are able to enjoy!

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