Moisture control was an issue

When I visited my home town last year I made a decision to move back.

I have lived away ever since I graduated college and I thought that was what I wanted.

I grew up in this small town near the mountains and I always felt like I needed more. I moved to the city and lived a hectic life that came along with it for nearly ten years. Each time I would come home something inside me would ask why I was leaving again. Then, my aunt decided to sell her small bookstore and it seemed the right time to come home. I loved the warm and welcoming feeling I always got when I visited there so I made an offer to buy the place. She was thrilled that it would be staying in the family and jumped at the offer. When I walked in as an owner I looked at it differently. I began to notice things that I never did before. The first thing I needed to address was the aging HVAC system. There was definitely a moisture problem in the building and that did not bode well for the shelves of books. I contacted the HVAC dealer in town and ordered an upgrade to the system that included a strong dehumidifier. I wanted the air to be perfect for my customers and my inventory. I couldn’t afford to lose product due to the fact that the moisture would damage the books. Thankfully we have a great HVAC company in town and they were able to fix all the issues at a reasonable cost.


a/c professional