How I got the promotion

Student loans, internships, and part-time jobs on the side just are not laboring for me anymore.

I just want to get ahead in life.

I went to university to be an engineer although I can’t seem to find a company that is a nice fit for me. I don’t want to be stuck in some cubicle laboring on other people’s ideas anymore. I was at a job even-handed Last monthand talked with a large Heating & A/C manufacturing company. They have positions available for people with my experience and education so I am applying for a job there. I would be able to put my engineering degree to use and help design new systems that could make a difference. Additionally, it would spend money way more than my modern position. There would be room for advancement if I proved my abilities and I suppose I could be delighted there for several years. By applying for a better job it is like giving myself a promotion. This is far better than standing around complaining about my modern job. I am looking forward to helping with the design of Heating & A/C systems that can save energy, improve people’s lives, and make a real difference! Advancements if Heating & A/C technology are happening at record setting pace and being a section of that will be exciting. Feeling like I am genuinely making a difference will make my life and career much more fulfilling. That is pressing to me and I am glad that I realized it now instead of wasting my time and talents at some dead end job.


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