Discovering a freon leak in my air conditioner during a road trip

Where I live, I never really needed to pay too much attention to the air conditioner in my vehicle.

  • It literally gets hot maybe two months out of the year, and the rest of the time it’s cool at best and freezing cold at worst.

It’s the heating unit that I need to pay far more attention to and always have. It’s literally a matter of survival, especially at higher altitudes and on long, deserted roads around here. Then, during June of last year, I decided to visit a friend who lives over a thousand miles away in a much warmer climate. I decided that it would be much more fun to take a road trip instead of a plane trip so that I could see the country between here and there. It was actually pretty fun and picturesque, but then the weather started to change. The closer I got to where he lived, the hotter it became, and I eventually turned on my air conditioner to find that the freon levels were very low. I was getting room temperature air coming out of the vents at best. That simply did not cut it for the heat and humidity down South! I guess I never really noticed that my air conditioner must have developed a freon leak at one point or another. I could barely recall seeing a spot on the driveway that last summer when I was using the air conditioner. I suffered through the heat for the sake of visiting my friend, but you better believe I got that freon recharged the moment I arrived in town!


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