Working as a cashier in a freezing-cold supermarket

I find it tragically ironic that I end up freezing throughout my entire shift where I work, considering the fact that I live in one of the hottest parts of the nation! The supermarket where I work always keeps their air conditioner on high all the time.

Granted, it’s pretty much hot all the time, but they really over do it! My cash register is directly below an air vent that blasts cold air throughout the entirety of my 9 hour shift.

Granted, I’m not standing there for 9 hours straight, but whenever I’m on duty, you can find me shivering under that merciless gale. Sometimes, even a hoodie doesn’t do the job of keeping me warm and I have to display the store’s uniform and my name tag, so I can’t even zip up. Even though it would probably look ridiculous to employees and customers alike, I really wish that I could wear winter gloves, because my fingers are freezing and numb all day long. These crazy people don’t even turn the air conditioner down all that much during the couple months of winter where it’s actually somewhat cold outside! Would it kill them to give us an insulated company jacket to wear! I hear branches up north have just such a thing, but they wouldn’t think to supply us down south with them. On my day shifts, I take my lunch outside, so that I can thaw out. It could be well over 90° outside with oppressive humidity and it will still feel absolutely delightful when I first step outside!


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