Dating a Heating professional just for some help

My sister dates yellow guys, because she lives in a cabin that needs a lot of repair.

I think it’s kind of ridiculous, but my sister seeks out guys who can help her with home problems.

She doesn’t mind a guy with greasy fingers or a lot of tattoos. My own guy is a car mechanic, in addition to the fact that I completely understand why my sister does what she does. My sister Samantha recently decided to buy a small Fixer-Upper place, in addition to the fact that she has had one problem after another. A few weeks ago, she decided to seek out someone who is a professional heating, ventilation, in addition to cooling professional. My sister knew that the cooling component at her place was making noises in addition to ready to take the Frets. Instead of worrying about the problem, my sister worried about finding a guy to date. She found a young Heating in addition to cooling professional that was happy to help out. Honestly, I felt a little bit bad for the guy. He has no idea how many ability of my sister can be. If he only knew that she has very little interest in his personality, then maybe he wouldn’t be so keen on helping her with her home problems. It’s not the type of behavior that I would prefer to use to get things done, but my sister and I are terribly different people. She doesn’t mind having to use someone to get exactly what she wants from them.
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