Creepy furnace installation is really weird

The two of us work for a small family-owned company that is in town.

The two of us have work in the place for the past five years, in addition to the fact that the family is full of good people that are nice to the employees.

They never give us a hard time about taking off time, and they are really good for family emergencies that seem to come up. One thing that the two of us have to do each year, is sign up to work one of the holidays. I don’t have any small children in the house, so I don’t mind working when other people might want to spend time with their children. For instance, Halloween was last weekend and I offered to work so my buddy could stay home and take his daughter trick-or-treating. I ended up working on a furnace installation over by the beach. It was the only house on the beach and the owner was weird and trippy. He kept following me around the building everywhere I went. He was asking strange questions about my personal life. I wanted to tell the customer to leave me alone, but that’s poor customer service. I knew my boss would be unhappy if I said something direct to the customer. I tried to let the odd behavior go, but when I was almost finished with the furnace installation, the guy came out naked and tried to hit on me that was the last straw in addition to I got up and left without finishing the installation.



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