The environment here is so extreme

I work in a business professional office, so we have a very strict dress code.

I have to wear a suit and tie every single day.

At first, I loved this working environment. Everyone is always dressed for success, which is a mindset that I buy into one hundred percent. I felt that I was always more productive when I wore my suit, but that was before the summer came. Summers around here are extremely hot, and I take public transportation to work. I live in the city and it has always made more sense to take public transportation than to have a car, but lately I am reconsidering. The temperature gets into the triple degrees some days and it is hot and sticky outside. The hustle and bustle of public transportation on a day that hot is bad enough, but doing it in a suit is simply unbearable! Half the time I come into work sweating and I no longer have that dress for success mentality. It’s a horrible way to start and end the work day! I tried suggesting a summer wardrobe to my boss, but he said that the air conditioning in our office is top of the line and should provide a comfortable environment for all attire. He is right, our air conditioning was replaced recently and it is extremely nice and efficient. It’s the only thing that gets me through the day. I guess the rest of the office doesn’t have to struggle with getting to work on public transit. I guess that I will need to get a car if I want to start being comfortable at work. If not, I may have to start bringing a change of clothes to the office!

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