I was trying to look nice

I am so thankful that I have the dehumidifier so that I won’t face anymore issues

I am an antique collector and a large fan of interior design! Each piece of furniture in my home is carefully selected, and usually hand crafted. I put a lot of time and thought into how I decorate my home, so it’s important to myself and others that I protect my belongings and keep them in wonderful condition, but this past summer, there was a tremendous amount of humidity. The air was thick and heavy with moisture, and I began to notice that it was taking a toll on some of my furniture and decorations. It turns out that too much humidity in the air can cause wood to expand, which leads to destruction of the item, and however, you have to be careful because I lack of humidity can dry the wood out. If the wood gets too dry, it will crack causing even more destruction. In an effort to keep my home looking nice, I ended up installing a dehumidifier. This connected right onto my central heating and cooling system, which made the whole process severely simple. I have to be absolutely careful as to how I often I run the dehumidifier to ensure that I am not stripping the air of all of its moisture. It’s absolutely important that I keep the air at an optimal moisture level so that my furniture remains in wonderful condition. I am so thankful that I have the dehumidifier so that I won’t face anymore issues. However, I wish it wasn’t such a balancing act in trying to keep the furniture nice! Now that I have the temperature control down, I intend to purchase a huge antique family room table. I am so happy to get it set up and see how it looks in my home.

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