Working as an HVAC professional

There always seems to be new things to learn about being an adult.

When I graduated from high school, I was not ready to enter the real world.

I made some costly mistakes. I decided to attend an extremely expensive college out of state. I spent a fortune on tuition and ended up with huge student loans for degree I don’t even use. Once I got onto the wrong career path, it was difficult to make a change. It was hard to go back to school to get my HVAC certifications. I was still working to pay off student loans when I made the decision to get my NATE and ACCA certifications. I enjoy working with my hands and fixing things. I have never liked sitting in a classroom. I don’t want to be stuck at a desk. I hate working on a keyboard or talking on the phone. I like to help and work with people. As an HVAC professional, I made a good living. People are continually in need of repairs for their heating and cooling equipment. A lot of homeowners invest in preventative maintenance in the Spring and fall. There is also system replacement and retrofit, air quality concerns and HVAC duct services to perform. I am always in demand. I’ve l learned the importance of tailoring the style and size of Heating and Cooling component to the specific house and heat loss/gain. I have been trained to complete the replacement and service procedures properly. Because I am dedicated to a job well done, my customers benefit from maximum efficiency, capacity and reliability from their Heating and Air Conditioning units. I create safe, comfortable and enjoyable indoor environments. I prioritize concerns with air quality and enhance the health of the home. I find the most cost-effective unit and strategies to reach their goals for indoor comfort. I take pride in a job done right.



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