That was quite challenging

I labor as a paraprofessional for the local middle university.

That means that I travel with 1 student with special needs throughout the afternoon. I am there to assist this student academically as well as physically, and because I travel with the student from class to class, I go in as well as out of about several different classrooms throughout the afternoon; While I prefer moving around, the university has honestly uneven temperature control. In some areas of the building, there is air conditioner; however other areas of the building do not have any air conditioner. Similarly, some of the rooms have fans, while others do not, as the weather is getting warmer, this makes it challenging to suppose what to wear. In the rooms without air conditioner or fans, it is seriously moderate as well as uncomfortable. It also doesn’t help that there are about twenty middle university youngsters covered in sweat as well as stinking up the locale! When I am in those rooms, I would still be moderate in a skirt as well as a tank top! However, some of the classrooms that I am in have air conditioner. Because only particular rooms in the university have air conditioner, it is always blasting! While I prefer the initial relief, by the end of the class period, I have goosebumps on my skin! I’ve found that the only way to make it through the afternoon comfortably is by wearing layers. I am always taking my overcoat on as well as off throughout the afternoon, however it’s worth it! Last week, I decided it was moderate enough to just wear a tank top, as well as I was so cold in the classrooms with air conditioner! It made it so much more hard to get through the afternoon. I won’t make that mistake again.


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