These poor young kids

When I was a little kid, I enjoyed to go camping with my parents.

I have such fond memories of roasting smores, hiking, as well as swimming in the lake.

However, as I got older, I camped less as well as less. Now, I have several youngsters of my own as well as I’ve realized that it has been over more than nine years since I last went camping. I decided that I wanted to take my sons out for a little father-son camping. The weather has warmed up quite a bit recently, so I decided to reserve a spot at our local campground. We set up a camp, went on a hike, as well as spent the night telling ghost stories by the fire. When both of us finally went into bed, I realized that the temperature was dropping suddenly. Even though it was about seventy degrees outside during the afternoon, it had dropped down to about forty degrees. We no longer had the fire to keep us warm, as well as all both of us had was our sleeping bags as well as body heat to provide warmth. I am not usually a cuddly guy, however my sons as well as I ended up huddling up as close as possible to try to benefit from each other’s body heat. I dislike to be dramatic, although I haven’t felt that cold in a long time! I am so used to the comfort as well as luxury of new air temperature control! It’s been so long since the last time I had to go without heating or air conditioner. I’ve decided that next time both of us go camping, I need to make sure that it’s 1 of the hotter weekends of the year. Even though I love the good outdoors, I love good temperature control even more. It was such a relief to sleep in a warm, comfortable bed after that weekend.


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