Leveraging Marketing for HVAC Business

Running your own business can be replete with juggling so many responsibilities. This is only compounded by starting a fledgling HVAC business on my own. The last decade was spent learing my craft as a certified and licensed heating and cooling technician. Fortunately, I worked for a larger, regional HVAC company where I was exposed to nearly every part of the heating and cooling industry. The most important component to running a good HVAC business is expertise first and foremost. I feel super confident from that stand point as I go out on my own. There was an opportunity for me to receive guidance from a small business association mentor. She helped me understand the capital expenses along with the target revenue I needed to shoot for. However, we didn’t get into marketing that much. I sort of figured that would be secondary in a way. My thought was to have a website built and that would drive business my way. Online marketing seemed to be the way for me to go, at least at the early stages. I am using an online marketing business to help me get my name and credentials out there to the consumer. The web design part was very interesting. I enjoyed giving my input on the design of my website. It turned out even better than I thought it would. However, I was not getting the traffic that I sort of took for granted that I would receive. Plus, I felt like I was doing too much with the marketing when I could be out in the community using other marketing strategies. I sure hope the website starts to pay off.