I hated growing up without an air conditioner

When I was a kid, we didn’t need an air conditioner to make it through the day. However, having an air conditioner would have made life so much better. Honestly, I hated having no air conditioner when I was a kid. It wasn’t like air conditioners didn’t exist when I was a kid. In fact, most vehicles and households had an air conditioner. My parents were just too cheap to purchase an air conditioner. Instead of putting our HVAC needs before theirs, they decided to risk the chances of a heat stroke during the hot summer days. I remember waking up each morning. Early in the morning, you didn’t need an air conditioner because it was pretty cool. However, that was the only time of the day when an air conditioner wasn’t needed. As soon as the sun began rising, the temperatures started rising with it. The area began feeling like a furnace. However, if you have ever tried sitting inside a house during the middle of the summer without an air conditioner, you knew how miserable life could be. It didn’t matter though, because my parents never would have allowed us to stay inside unless it was raining. Otherwise, we had to stay outside in the sun sweating to death. Thankfully, we had creeks to swim in since we didn’t have air conditioners. I am pretty sure that I would have been so much happier with an air conditioner. I could have stayed inside and read all day while feeling nice and cool. I would have been absolutely wonderful.

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