I didn’t know that heating systems could stop working in a car

I have owned many cars with broken air conditioners.

Having a car that loses its ability to run an air conditioner is very common.

Typically, a broken air conditioner in a vehicle is caused by leaking fluid. There are many different places in the vehicle where the refrigerant for the air conditioner is needed, and if even one of those starts leaking, the air conditioner stops working. With all of this experience with a broken air conditioner, I have never owned a car where the heating system stopped working, until yesterday. With vehicles, air conditioners are nice to have, but they aren’t necessary. However, having a working heating system is an absolute necessity. With your heating system, it is very likely that you won’t be able to see at all while you drive during the winter. Your heating system allows you to be able to keep your window from fogging up during the winter. What I didn’t realize was that some heating systems can go bad, causing your heating system to blow anti-freeze into the windows. Now, the heating system that used to prevent the windows from fogging up is causing your windows to get even foggier. The only way to prevent this is by opening a window, which means that your car will get cold. Your car getting cold causes you to need to turn on your heating system more. It is a very self-defeating cycle. I had to take my car into the mechanic to have them fix my heating system because it is not safe to drive without a heating system.
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