Air conditioners were the most impressive creation of the 20th century.

As far as inventions go, the 20th century was probably the most impressive century of all time.

We developed many important pieces of technology during this period that have completely changed the world and life as we knew it.

For thousands of years, each generation lived practically the same as the next generation until now. However, among all of the different inventions that were created during that period, I believe that the air conditioner has been the most revolutionary of all. I know that the air conditioner hasn’t accomplished nearly the same amount of feats as the airplane, the internet, the computer, and many other inventions. But, in its own way, the air conditioner has made its impact in nearly every area of society. When you are browsing the internet during the day, the air conditioner is running in the background to keep you cool while you continue your fun. When you sit in an airplane traveling to another location, it’s the air conditioner that keeps you cool while you travel. When you were born, the air conditioner was there to keep you comfortable. When you go to work, your air conditioner is constantly working to keep you comfortable. When you are at home, your air conditioner makes you feel relaxed and prepares you for the next day. How comfortable would your life truly be without an air conditioner? Without the air conditioner, I truly believe that many of the other inventions that were created would have never been developed. The air conditioner truly was the greatest invention of the 20th century.


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