Prepping for Colonoscopy

Since I am over fifty years old, our doctor plus the insurance corporation have insisted that I go plus get a colonoscopy, and this is something I never wanted to do because I have heard such bad things about it, however alas, the time finally came when I could not put it off any longer; Insurance companies are now saying that if you don’t do as many peremptory procedures as possible, they will not pay for treatment for diseases that could have been prevented, and so, I began the prep for the test a week beforehand. The day before it got really bad, plus I thought it could not get anymore uncomfortable. Then, sadly, it got much worse, my a/c stopped running! So, not only was I having to drink this disgusting stuff plus run back plus forth to the lavatory, although I was covered in sweat from lack of cooling system! I was pure annoyed. I called the heating plus cooling corporation, however for some reason they were ridiculous busy plus I couldn’t get cooling system repair the same day. I even offered to pay the Heating plus Air Conditioning guy extra if he would just come plus give the necessary cooling system repairs that same day, but he just insisted he was too busy. Then, I remembered something pressing. I remembered that I had begun a tune-up up Heating plus Air Conditioning contract with them at the beginning of the year, plus I thought area of that contract was same-day Heating plus Air Conditioning service. They inspected plus I was right! I got our cooling system diagnosed plus was so grateful!


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