My hubby was sad

A few nights ago while in a lazy Sunday while I was at apartment I ended up being woken up from a peaceful nap on the couch.

A absolutely bizzare plus loud noise was what had ruined our nap, plus after looking around the apartment half awake I ended up realizing that the source of the sound was coming from the air conditioner unit, this was actually surprising to find considering the fact that our hubby who works as an Heating plus A/C service tech was the 1 who had installed it, plus the replacement had only taken place a few weeks ago.

When I called him to tell him the problem with the air conditioning system component he was seriously surprised plus continued to ask me if I was pranking him. I know the fact that this is what he does for a living played a area in this, because for 1 reason or another upon his arrival back apartment he was absolutely embarrassed. After a short inspection of the air conditioner component he knew what he had done wrong plus it was all because he had screwed up while in the replacement process. I know this pride plus hard labor he has is the thing that makes him such a good Heating plus A/C service tech, but I sure wish he didn’t beat himself up about a easy mistake so much. Take me for example, I screw up on tons of things plus I forget about it the next afternoon! I guess life as a Heating plus A/C service tech is more cutthroat than a labor from apartment office assistant!


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