The air purifier was not a priority

Before the pandemic, I didn’t have a lot of trouble paying my way in life.

Since the pandemic, I am not just stuck in my house, but I am also out of work.

I didn’t think this whole thing would last long, but I was wrong. I am having trouble trying to find the money to keep the household bills paid and to pay the mortgage. Right before all of this started, I had called the HVAC company to have our HVAC system cleaned. I wish I had thought to have a UV air purifier installed at that time. Now, our air quality scares me and I can’t afford to have the UV air purifier installed. I called the HVAC company to see if they had any specials on air purifiers. He told me that if I had a UV air purifier installed, he would throw in a year’s worth of free air filters. This wasn’t doing me any good. I knew that a UV air purifier would be able to keep some of the viruses out of the air and keep our chance of getting the virus at bay. I was pretty sure that if the HVAC company was offering free air filters, they probably jacked up the price of the air purifier. They had to pay for the air filters in some way. Now, I am struggling just to keep food on the table. I’m glad I didn’t put money out on an air purifier, but I’m sure that when this is all over, I’ll be in a better position again. I’ll have my UV air purifier installed then, and I’ll be ready for the next round of virus.



HVAC serviceman