The job was really big.

Very few HVAC jobs impress me anymore, but I was shocked when I was called to this last house.

I had been working in HVAC for many years.

When I was called to come in and give an estimate of work and cost for new HVAC, I figured it would be an ordinary job. I headed to an address I had never heard before. I didn’t know they had sprawling mansions like this, in our area. It was on several acres of property and the house was huge. The property itself was stunning, but the house was breathtaking. I knew it had to be recently built and when I got to the door, I was right. The owners had the house built, but they hadn’t decided on an HVAC contractor. I talked to the head of the house and he told me he had already done his research on his choices of HVAC. All he wanted to know was what I could tell him about radiant heating. I sat down on the porch and we began to discuss the different types of equipment we could use for radiant heating. I told him we could connect the system to a Smart Thermostat. He would have Zone Control in every room, or in different areas. I explained that he would be able to save money by turning the HVAC down in the rooms that weren’t in use. I was only halfway through the information he requested, when he stopped me. He told me he was well aware of all of this information. He was just looking for someone who knew it also. He asked me when I could have a crew in the house and begin the installation.

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