The Smart Thermostat was a welcome item.

No one expects to go on vacation and end up critically ill.

My wife and I had finally taken our dream cruise that quickly ended up a nightmare. No one knew about coronavirus when we got on the cruise ship that day. I know I didn’t expect to get ill or to almost die. The only thing that made being ill tolerable, was that we had an excellent HVAC system in the room. The climate control was phenomenal and the air purifier that went with it, was even better. I know that when I was running a high fever and unable to breathe, my wife was forever adjusting the thermostat to make me comfortable. During the first two weeks on board, we had three people succumb to coronavirus. Over the following couple of weeks, several more followed. I was bouncing in and out of the fever and the ship had very little to treat anyone. We had high doses of Vitamin C, but that was about it. We were all contained in our cabins and food deliveries were made several times a day. We could even call for snacks when we wanted them. I couldn’t believe we had to be quarantined, even when we were healthy again. Without the excellent HVAC, air purifier, and the Smart Thermostat, there was no way we would have survived that experience. When I finally got home, I insisted we call the HVAC company. I wanted to make sure I had a Smart Thermostat like I had on the ship.