We just wanted him to leave us alone.

My mother had warned me about my ex boyfriend. She told me that there was something wrong with him and that he scared her. I guess it took me longer to see this in him, than what it took her. After six months, I finally broke up with him and moved on. I thought he was okay with our break up until I found someone else. My new boyfriend worked for the local HVAC company. I met him when he came over to work on my mom’s air conditioning unit. He was really sweet, but I had to ask him out. He smiled and agreed to come over for dinner. He came to my apartment the following night. We spent more time talking and laughing, than we had anticipated. When he finally left, the sun was coming up. We have been inseparable ever since then. When my ex found out about him, everything changed. He began to stalk us both. He even showed up at houses where my boyfriend was working. He would tell the people what a lousy HVAC technician he was. He told one family that he would work on the air conditioning, but he would take their belongings when he left. He even called the HVAC company he worked for and said he was a customer. He said my boyfriend had taken his meds with him when he left. I’m glad my boyfriend wasn’t fired, but we had some tough days. I ended up filing a harassment suit against my ex and we had to have a protection order put out against him.


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