I think the old apartment was a death trap

My wife and I lived in our old apartment for a couple of years after our boys were born.

  • We couldn’t afford to go anywhere else, so we put up with the poor heating that was in there.

There was an old gas furnace that was in the middle of the room. You could hear the vroom whenever the heating turned on. The chimney was hooked into air vents that led to a master chimney outside. I knew it wasn’t safe, but it was all we could afford. As our boys got older and began to walk, I was constantly concerned about their walking into the furnace when it was running. I was afraid they were going to be injured. When we finally moved out, I noticed that there was the odor of gas all the time. I had called the property owner about the furnace, but he scoffed. He told me that the furnace was working great until I moved in. I was really glad I was moving out, at that time. Now, we have a new home that has excellent central HVAC. I often think about the tenants that are now living in those apartments. I wonder if the owner of the building has changed the furnace and made it safe to use. I know that it was a deadly way to live, but the rent made it attractive to people with little money. I’m glad we moved when we did. We no longer need to worry about our kids getting too close to the furnace. We are enjoying our heating and air conditioning and wouldn’t want to go without it.

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