Let’s talk turkey!

Whenever my grandfather had something to discuss with us, he would sit us down and say he wanted to talk turkey.

We all knew we had done something wrong and we were about to find out what we should have done right.

Now that I am an HVAC technician, I want to talk turkey about the HVAC system. Some people have misconceptions about what should be done with their HVAC system. First off, it is not okay to skip your annual maintenance if the HVAC system is running perfectly fine. What you may think is perfectly fine, could just be a matter of being used to odd noises or odors. You need to call an HVAC technician and have him do a professional inspection. There are many little parts in the heating or air conditioning system that works together. If any one of those parts start going bad, it can be devastating to the HVAC system. You need to have an HVAC professional clean and inspect these parts once a year, or you could be sitting without heating or air conditioning when it is needed the most. An air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced more than once a year. The air filter is the first line of defense for your HVAC system. The air filter traps dust and dirt before it can get into the system and cause abrasions that can cause your system to malfunction or even die. Lastly; you do not save money when you turn off the HVAC every time you leave the house. It takes more energy to heat or cool the house, after it has been shut down. By leaving the thermostat at one steady temperature, you keep your home more comfortable, you save energy and money.